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2009 Audi A4

Vehicle information
VIN Sample Inspection
Year 2009
Make Audi
Model A4
Engine CAEB 2.0Turbo
Transmission Automatic CVT FWD
Exterior Color Blue
Interior Color Grey
Odometer 120111
Owner’s manual
Maintenance Record
Vehicle Keys Available 1 Keys
Verify VIN numbers
Exterior of vehicle (Front)
Front bumper The front bumper was damaged and repainted, it has scratches all over and it's not aligned with the fenders. Also, there are deformities in the front bumper around the headlight area.
Front head lights
Fog Lights
Turn Signals
Park sensor NA
Grille Condition
Front Hood Small dent on the front area of the hood. Also, the hood alignment is off and it is coming in contact with the fenders when the hood is opening.
Front end alignment of panels The vehicle was in an accident and not repaired correctly. The front bumper is not aligned with either front fender, and the hood is not aligned with the left front fender.
Windshield The windshield was replaced and now an aftermarket windshield is installed. However, no apparent damage is seen.
Windshield wipers & arm
Exterior of vehicle (Left & Right)
Fenders alignment & paint The left side of the vehicle was in an accident the alignment gaps are off.
Marker lights
VIN plate
Side Mirror housings/glasses
Exterior door handles
Door alignment and hinge The driver door is not aligned correctly with surrounding panels when compared to passenger side.
Window glass
Door seals
Side moldings/rocker panels
Window Trim
Sill plate
Child lock
Quarter windows
Quarter panels alignment and paint
Roof Exterior
Sunroof glass and seal
Roof panel Scratches on roof panel near antenna area
Roof antenna
Luggage rack NA
Convertible top NA
Rear Exterior
Trunk/ Tailgate paint and alignment There are scratches on trunk
Rear window glass
Rear camera NA
Trunk Seal
Luggage compartment condition
Roadside kit
Park sensors NA
Rear Tail lights, reverse, hazards and parking
Turns signals and brake lights
License plate light
Rear bumper paint and alignment The rear bumper has scratches all over.
Rear windshield wipers & arm NA
Bumper Flanges The bumper flange is deformed and missing fastener.
Exterior Summary & Images
Summary This vehicle was in an accident and the repairs were not performed correctly. Currently, the hood is coming in contact with the front bumper and there are deformities in the front bumper.

These problems have a negative effect on the value of this vehicle and will impact vehicle appraisal value.
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Interior Inspection
Service light Service is due in 6,200 miles.
Warning lights check
Odors/ Mold/ Smoke
Horn operation
Hazard lights
Sound system functionality
Bluetooth functionality
HVAC/ blower/ climate control
Defroster/ Defogger
Heater/ seat/ steering
Window switches
Wiper switches/washer pump
Cup holder
Center console The center console has hairline cracks in the wood trim and the pen holder compartment is peeling.
Parking brake
Headliner The rear portion of the headliner is sagging and it has water stain marks. Currently, the surrounding area is dry. This issue needs to be diagnosed to check if the water leak is active, and if so, needs to be repaired.
Seats upholstery The driver seat control panel trim is cracked
Seat functionality
Interior trim Driver door wood trim has hairline cracks
Carpeting & Floor Mats
Interior Summary & Images
Summary The rear portion of the headliner is sagging and there is evidence of a water leak. We recommended having this investigated further.

Water leaks can lead to mold, mildew and electrical failures.
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Engine Compartment & Undercarriage
Hood support
Paint and condition in engine compartment
Engine compartment labels
Condition of engine covers Radiator cowl panel is missing screws and incorrect fasteners are installed
Brake fluid reservoir & cap
Brake master cylinder/booster
Engine air filter
Accessory Belts conditions
Engine gasket/seals
Engine oil leaks minor leaks
Radiator and coolant hoses
Water Pump/Thermostat
Coolant fan
Coolant oil leaks
Power steering pump/ hoses
Power steering leaks
A/C compressor/ lines/ condenser
Struts, shocks and springs
CV joints and Axles
Control Arms
Ball Joints & Tie rod
Exhaust pipes
Differential Leaks NA
Deformities or frame damage
Engine Compartment & Undercarriage Summary & Images
Summary Additional malfunction found: The driver side motor mount is broken and leaking fluid. Engine underbody panel is missing and fasteners are installed in the wrong positions. The connector for ignition coil number 3 is broken.
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Fluid Levels
Engine oil
Transmission Fluid
Engine Coolant
Power Steering Fluid
Brake Fluid
Washer Fluid
Test Drive
Starter Operation
Engine Performance idle/ noise/ vibration Engine vibrates excessively while idling due to broken motor mount.
Acceleration/ Deceleration Vibration on acceleration
Wheel Bearing Noise
Wheel Vibration When driving above 50 mph
Transmission shifting
Transmission/ transaxle
Exhaust noise or odor
Brake operation/ pulsation
Steering/ tracking/ pulling/ play in the wheel
Suspension performance
Drive assist functions
HVAC operation
Test Drive Summary
Summary While completing the test drive, the vehicle vibrated when accelerating and driving above 50 mph. This issue could be due to 1) broken motor mount or 2) Three of the vehicle tires are 5 years old and require replacement, and the R/R tire does not match the other 3 tires.
Scan Tool Diagnostics
Emission Status Not all emissions are set. Catalyst converter and oxygen sensor are not set. This could be due to the vehicle not having enough drive cycles for those components to pass the test, or it could be due to these components not able to pass the test, making them possibly faulty.
Diagnostic faults codes
Battery and Charge voltage (V)
Engine & Ignition off

Ideal Voltage 12.1V-12.8V

A lower reading indicates battery charging required or possible battery failure.

NOTE: Voltage below 12.1V requires charging of the battery or possible battery failure.

Ideal Voltage 13.4V-14.8V

Deviations can damage or drain battery.

NOTE: Ideal Charging voltage is between 13.4V and 14.5V. Anything outside this range may trigger a warning light.
Left Front Wheel
Wheel Condition
Brand and Model Pirelli Cinturato P7
Tire Size 225/50/R17
Tread Depth
Pressure 36
Notes DOT 2415
Left Rear Wheel
Wheel Condition
Brand and Model Pirelli Cinturato P7
Tire Size 225/50/R17
Tread Depth
Pressure 36
Notes DOT 2415
Right Front Wheel
Wheel Condition Curb rash is present
Brand and Model Pirelli Cinturato P7
Tire Size 225/50/R17
Tread Depth
Pressure 36
Notes DOT 2415
Right Rear Wheel
Wheel Condition Rim has curbed markes
Brand and Model SUNNY N3630
Tire Size 225/50/R17
Tread Depth
Pressure 36
Notes This tire does not match the other 3. The DOT number is showing the tires are more than 5 years old. Replacing 4 tires would be recommended.
Spare Wheel
Wheel Condition
Brand and Model Continental
Tire Size 125/70R19
Tread Depth 4/32
Pressure 60
NOTE: Tire replacement is recommended at tread depth of 3/32 and lower.
Brake Pad Measurements (mm)
Driver Front
Passenger Front
Driver Rear
Passenger Rear
NOTE: Brake pads are recommended when pads fall to 3mm and lower or at every 50-70k mile Intervals.
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